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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Abd BOY Servant ( The word Abd is used with the attributes of Allah to form compound names) Add Details
Abd al BOY Servant (of Allah) Add Details
Abd al ala BOY Slave of the High Add Details
Abd Khayr BOY Khayr is all kinds of goodness and happiness. This was the name of Ibn-Yazid Al-Khaywani who fought with Sayyidina Ali RA. Add Details
Abda BOY Brave, Strong and Courageous Add Details
Abdaal BOY Devotee, Religious person Add Details
Abdah BOY Nick name of Abdur - Rehman bin Sulayman the father of Muhammad Ibn Abdur Rahman, the genealogist. Add Details
Abdallah BOY Slave of God Add Details
Abdan BOY Is derived from abd, a man, ibn Abi Harb had this name and al-jahiz wrote letters to him Add Details
Abdar BOY With water shining, Wealthy Add Details
Abdel BOY Servant (of Allah) Add Details
Abdud daar BOY Servant of the Depriver Add Details
Abduh BOY Allah's slave Add Details
Abdul BOY Servant (of Allah) Add Details
Abdul Aakhir BOY Servant of the Last Add Details
Abdul Aalee BOY Servant of the Most High Add Details
Abdul Adheem BOY Servant of the Most Great Add Details
Abdul Adl BOY Servant of the Just Add Details
Abdul Afuw BOY Slave of the One who pardons (The pardoner) Add Details
Abdul Ahad BOY Servant of the One Add Details
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