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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Abaan BOY Old Arabic name ,Name of a great Muahaddith scholar of Hadith. Add Details
Ababil BOY Crowd, Band, Swallow Add Details
Abad BOY Populated, Inhabited, Prosperous Add Details
Abadah BOY Endurance, Durability, Strength Add Details
Abadan BOY Populated, Flourishing, Happy Add Details
Abadiya BOY Ibn al Abadiyah was an author known for his eloquent literary style. Add Details
Abahar BOY More brilliant, More magnificent Add Details
Abahat BOY Correct, Accurate Add Details
Abahh BOY Al-Abahh was the nickname of al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim, an astrologer of Al Mamun Add Details
Abaid BOY Worshipper of God, God Knows Add Details
Aban BOY Clear, Distinct Add Details
Abanus BOY Abanus is an Urdu variant of the Persian name Abnus. Either spelling and pronunciation is acceptable. For more details see: Abnus Add Details
Abasi BOY Stern Add Details
Abasin BOY The Indus River. Add Details
Abbaar BOY Strong Add Details
Abbaas BOY Gloony look,The uncle of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) and well-known Sahabi(RA). Add Details
Abbad BOY Worshipper Add Details
Abbas BOY One who frowns a lot Add Details
Abbud BOY Devoted Worshipper of Allah Add Details
Abbudin BOY Worshippers Add Details
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