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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Aashir BOY Living, Spending a Life. Add Details
Aasif BOY An Able Minister Add Details
Aasim BOY Protector, Defender, Guardian, Person who keeps away from sins Add Details
Aasir BOY Captivating, Fascinating Add Details
Aati BOY Generous Add Details
Aatif BOY Kind Affectionate Add Details
Aatik BOY Pure, Clean, Independent, Free Add Details
Aatiq BOY Free, liberated, independent, name: Aatiq Ali, Muhammad Aatiq Add Details
Aatish BOY Fire. Add Details
Aauf BOY (Awf) Guest, fragrance, lion, Name of a Sahabi. Add Details
Aaus BOY A Name of a Tree Add Details
Aawf BOY Lion, Sahabi Add Details
Aayaan BOY Aayaan is a Persian name for boys that means long night. It also means improvisation, Impulse, Instinct,Intuition. Add Details
Aayan BOY God's gift Add Details
Aayiz BOY Aayiz is an Arabic name for boys that means replacement, something given to you in place of something you have lost. Add Details
Aazaad BOY Independent, Free Add Details
Aazad BOY Free, Independent - Persian word Add Details
Aazam BOY Greater, Greatest Add Details
Aazim BOY Intending, Determining, Resolved on,Applying the mind to an undertaking. Add Details
Aazz BOY Great and Mighty Add Details
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