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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Aahga BOY Leader Add Details
Aahil BOY Prince Add Details
Aaid BOY Restore Add Details
Aaidun BOY Aaidun is an Arabic name for boys that means [those who are] returning. Add Details
Aaiz BOY Arabic for replacement, something fills the place of another thing, a gift from Allah given to you in place of something that was taken from you. Add Details
Aakif BOY Devoted to, Dedicated to, Persevering in, Busily Engaged, Attached, Intent. Add Details
Aala BOY High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb . Add Details
Aalam BOY World, Lord Of The Worlds, Praise be to Allah Add Details
Aalamgeer BOY Conqueror of the World. Add Details
Aalamgir BOY Conqueror of the World. Add Details
Aalee BOY Sublime, High Add Details
Aali BOY High, Tall, Towering, High-Ranking, Superior, Excellent Add Details
Aalif BOY Friendly and Hospitable, Kind, Compassionate and Tenderhearted Add Details
Aalim BOY Learned, Scholar, Expert Add Details
Aamad BOY Time, Era, Epoch Add Details
Aameen BOY Faithful , Trustworthy. Add Details
Aamer BOY Ordering Person Add Details
Aamil BOY Doer, Work man Add Details
Aamin BOY Safety and Security Add Details
Aamir BOY Commander, Ruler, Leader, Superior Add Details
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