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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Zariyan BOY Zariyan is an Arabic name for boys that means dispersed in the air, dust or leaves that the wind lifts and disperses. It also means one who walks fast Add Details
Zarkanay BOY Gold Stone. Add Details
Zarlesh BOY Border made of gold Add Details
Zarmast BOY Zar - Gold, Mast - Excitement Add Details
Zaroon BOY Visitor Add Details
Zarq BOY Blue eyed Add Details
Zarrar BOY Brave, Courageous. A great muslim warrior Add Details
Zartash BOY Persian for gold-carver Add Details
Zaryab BOY Rich, Wealthy, Possessor of gold/riches Add Details
Zaryan BOY Urdu for one who finds gold. It can also be a variant of the Kurdish name Zryan Add Details
Zaufishan BOY Light and Radiance Add Details
Zaumar BOY A good young man, Handsome Add Details
Zauq BOY Taste, flavour, knack, Delight, Pleasure Add Details
Zavian BOY Bright Add Details
Zavier BOY Bright Add Details
Zaviyar BOY Brave Add Details
Zawaad BOY Man of self-respect, Noble Add Details
Zawal BOY Arabic for sundown, the time close to sunset Add Details
Zawar BOY Pilgrim, Visitor of a shrine Add Details
Zaweel BOY Motion and Activity Add Details
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