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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Zaram BOY One in Thousand Add Details
Zarang BOY Clever Add Details
Zarar BOY Fast, Brave, Courageous Add Details
Zaray BOY Obedient, Submissive Add Details
Zarbat BOY Gold Lamp Add Details
Zardab BOY Gold Water Add Details
Zardasht BOY Zardasht refers to the prophet Zoroaster, founder of Zoroastrianism. Zoroaster is considered a true prophet sent by God by some Muslim scholars, and his followers are considered people of the Book Add Details
Zareef BOY Zareef is an Arabic name for boys that means intelligent, eloquent, elegant, creative Add Details
Zareer BOY Persian for intelligent, easy to love, and it is the name of a fragrant plant known as Reseda in English. It is also the name of a character mentioned in the Shahnameh Add Details
Zarf BOY Pot, Calibre, Wisdom, Rank Add Details
Zargar BOY Goldsmith Add Details
Zargham BOY Arabic for lion, brave warrior. Can be pronounced with a long or short second a sound. (Zarghum or Zarghaam) Add Details
Zarghun BOY Green Add Details
Zargoon BOY Persian for gold-colored, like gold Add Details
Zargul BOY Gold Flower Add Details
Zarhawar BOY Brave Add Details
Zarhgay BOY Little Heart Add Details
Zari BOY Farmer Add Details
Zarif BOY Elegant, Graceful Add Details
Zarim BOY Arabic for very fast horse Add Details
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