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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Zaman BOY Arabic for time, Age, Era Add Details
Zameel BOY Good Friend and Companion Add Details
Zameer BOY Conscience Add Details
Zami BOY Helper, Supporter Add Details
Zamiir BOY A good young man, Short Add Details
Zamil BOY Companion, Friend Add Details
Zamin BOY A surety, Sponsor, Security, Another name for Allah Add Details
Zamir BOY Heart, Mind Add Details
Zamir-ud-Din BOY Heart of the religion Add Details
Zaml BOY Zaml is an indirect Quranic name for boys. It is an ancient Arabic name without a clearly defined meaning, but since it is derived from the Z-M-L root (wrapped up, modesty), it has meanings of modest, bashful, virtuous Add Details
Zamr BOY Zamr is an Arabic name for boys that means lions roar. It also kindling of a fire Add Details
Zamurad BOY A green precious stone Add Details
Zamurah BOY Sparkle of light, fire, Name of companion Add Details
Zamurd BOY A green precious stone Add Details
Zamzam BOY Abu-Zamzam was the name of Al-Madini, a man of an early Islam, about him amusing enecdotes were told Add Details
Zar BOY Zar is a Persian, Turkish and Kurdish name for girls that means gold Add Details
Zaraafat BOY Arabic for intelligence, Cleverness, Talent Add Details
Zaraan BOY Flow of river Add Details
Zarab BOY Persian for gold water, a liquid in which gold particles are suspended Add Details
Zarak BOY Gold Add Details
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