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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Zakir Ullah BOY One who praises Allah Add Details
Zakir-ud-Din BOY One who praises (teaches) the religion (Islam) Add Details
Zakirul Islam BOY One who praises (teaches) Islam Add Details
zakiy BOY Pure Add Details
Zakiyy BOY Pure Add Details
Zakoor BOY Narrator, Speaker Add Details
Zakou BOY Zakou is an Arabic name for boys that means growth, increase, improvement Add Details
Zakwan BOY Intuitive Add Details
Zaky BOY Pure Add Details
Zal BOY Zal is a Persian name for boys that means white-haired, it is the name of the father of Rustam, the mythical Persian hero Add Details
Zaland BOY Bright, Feminine Zalanda Add Details
Zaleeq BOY Arabic for eloquent Add Details
Zalmay BOY Young Add Details
Zalool BOY Obedient, Submissive Add Details
Zaluj BOY Zaluj is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means nimble, swift-footed, sprightly Add Details
Zamaair BOY Arabic for hearts, minds, consciences Add Details
Zamaam BOY Honour, Right, Share, Place Add Details
Zamaar BOY Bravery, Valour Add Details
Zamab BOY Persian and Arabic name of a plant known for its good scent. The scientific name of this plant is Taxus baccata Add Details
Zaman BOY Time, Age, Era Add Details
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