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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Zabeer BOY Beautiful and Radiant | Intelligent, Educated and Intellectual Add Details
Zabi BOY Zabi or Dhabi is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means gazelle, antelope. The name of the city and state of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates comes from this word Add Details
Zabir BOY The person who have Religious Knowledge Add Details
Zabit BOY Governor, Master, Possessor Add Details
Zaboor BOY Chant Add Details
Zabreen BOY Persian for highest, Most sublime Add Details
Zabrij BOY Beauty, Decoration Add Details
Zaby BOY Gazelle Add Details
Zackariya BOY Name of a prophet Add Details
Zaeem BOY Guaranter, Rich, Healthy, Leader, Ruler,The leader Add Details
Zaer BOY Visitor, Guest Add Details
Zafar BOY Victory Add Details
Zafar-ud-Din BOY Zafaruddin is an Arabic name for boys that means triumph of the faith, a person who is a cause for success of the Muslims Add Details
Zafarullah BOY Victory of Allah Add Details
Zafeer BOY Of firm and resolute intention, victorious, successful Add Details
Zafir BOY Victorious, Winner, Conqueror Add Details
Zafran BOY Derived from Zarparan for gold stigma of flower Add Details
Zafrul BOY Honest, Reliable and very ambitous Add Details
Zaghar BOY Abundance Add Details
Zaghlul BOY Young pigeon Add Details
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