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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Waad BOY Promise and Covenant Add Details
Waadi BOY Quiet Add Details
Waafir BOY Plentiful Add Details
Waafy BOY Sincere Add Details
Waahid BOY One, Unique, Matchless Add Details
Waail BOY One Who Returns (For Shelter) Add Details
Waajid BOY One whose wants are satisfied, Wealthy, A lover or beloved Add Details
Waali BOY The Governor, He who directs, manages, conducts, governs, measure Add Details
Waaqif BOY Acquainted, Aware of, Experienced, Conversant with, knowing, Learned, Sensible Add Details
Waarid BOY Coming, Arriving, Approaching, Alighting, Descending, Happening, Being present Add Details
Waarith BOY An heir, a master, a lord, an owner, a successor, The Supreme inheritor Add Details
Waasey BOY Capacious, wide, ample, One who possesses abundant (of anything) Allah's attribute, Meaning, The All Controlling Add Details
Waashif BOY Describes, Attributes Add Details
Waashil BOY Arriving, Connecting Add Details
Waasif BOY Describing Add Details
Waasil BOY Joined, Connected, Coupled, Arrived Add Details
Waasiq BOY Confident, Sure, Certain Add Details
Waathiq BOY Strong, firm, binding,confident, secure, confiding, Name of a caliph of Islam Add Details
Waazi BOY Arabic for distributor, Protector Add Details
Wabisah BOY Bin Ma bad RA had this name Add Details
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