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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Obaid BOY Small Slave Add Details
Obaidullah BOY Lowly, Servent of Allah Add Details
Oktai BOY Oktai is a Turkish name for boys that means famous, well-known, elite, high-born Add Details
Omaijid BOY Noble, Admirable and Praiseworthy Add Details
Omair BOY Intelligent Add Details
Omar BOY Prosperous, Full of life, Large Add Details
omari BOY Version of omar Add Details
Omaro BOY King Add Details
Omdivar BOY Omidvar is a Persian name for boys that means hopeful, wishing Add Details
Omeed BOY Hope Add Details
Omeir BOY Long living Add Details
Omid BOY Hope Add Details
Omran BOY Solid structure Add Details
Onays BOY Good Friend and Companion Add Details
Ons BOY Ons is an Arabic name for boys that means gladness, removal of fear Add Details
Onsi BOY Onsi is an Arabic name for boys that means one who brings calm and gladness to the heart, one who removes fears Add Details
Onslow BOY Hill of the passionate one Add Details
Oraib BOY Intelligent, Educated and Intellectual Add Details
Oraibi BOY Intelligent, Educated and Intellectual. Oraibi is an Arabic name for boys that means keen, perceptive, intelligent. It is the attributive form of Oraib Add Details
Orang BOY Wisdom, Understanding Add Details
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