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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Jaabir BOY Bonesetter, Restorer Add Details
Jaad BOY Hardworking Add Details
Jaafar BOY Rivulet Add Details
Jaah BOY Respect Add Details
Jaaiz BOY Possible Add Details
Jaami BOY Collector, Mosque Add Details
Jaamil BOY Jaamil is an Arabic name for boys that means handsome, good-looking Add Details
Jaan BOY Life, Soul Add Details
Jaar BOY Jaar is an Arabic name for boys that means neighbor Add Details
Jaari BOY Jaari is an Arabic name for boys that means neighborly, like a neighbor Add Details
Jaarullah BOY Allah's neighbour Add Details
Jaasim BOY Big, Fat Add Details
Jaasir BOY Brave, Bold, Courageous Add Details
Jabal BOY Mountain, Ibn Yazid Add Details
Jabalah BOY Mountain, Hill Add Details
Jaban BOY Soft hearted Add Details
Jabar BOY comforting Add Details
Jabbaar BOY (Arabic) Mighty, One who had the ascendancy, king, One who commiserates the bereaved, an attribute of Allah, Name Abdul Jabbaar Add Details
Jabbad BOY Jabbad is an Arabic name for boys that means attractive, literally that which attracts, but figuratively it means good-looking, charming Add Details
Jabbar BOY Powerful, Mighty Add Details
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