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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Dhulfiqaar BOY The name of the Prophet's Sword Add Details
Dhulkifl BOY (Zulkitl) Name of a prophet of Allah Add Details
Dhunnoon BOY (Zunnoon) The title of Hazrat Yoonus (Peace be upon him) meaning The Man of the whale Add Details
Dhus Hs Himalain BOY (Zuthimalin) Name of a Sahabi (RA) Add Details
Diaab BOY One who Perserveres Add Details
Diakou BOY Diakou is a Persian name for boys. Diakou was the first king of the Medes and who made Hamedan (in Iran) his capital. He is known as Deioces in Western literature. We cannot find the meaning of the word itself Add Details
Diar BOY An expensive wood Add Details
Diaudin BOY Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God Add Details
Dibaaj BOY Dibaaj is an Arabic name for boys and girls that refers to a type of silk cloth Add Details
Didar BOY Sight, Vision Add Details
Didar BOY Vision, Sight Add Details
Dihya BOY Handsome,Sahabi, Leader of Soldiers Add Details
Dihyah BOY Commander of troops, Name of shahbi Add Details
Dihyat BOY A companion of prophet muhammad(bpuh) Add Details
Dil BOY Heart, Mind Add Details
Dil awar BOY Bold, Brave Add Details
Dil Nawaz BOY Soothing Heart, Mind Add Details
Dilafroz BOY Attractive, Captivating Add Details
Dilaram BOY Quiet Hearted Add Details
Dilawar BOY Bold, brave.Courageous Add Details
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