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Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Dagar BOY Open Space / Battle Field Add Details
Daghfal BOY Ibn-Hanzalah had this name and he was the first genealogist of Islam Add Details
Dahaa BOY Dahaa is an Arabic name for boys that means intelligence, sense, wisdom Add Details
Dahbal BOY This was the name of Wahb Ibn Zamai, who was a very noble, generous man Add Details
Dahban BOY Dahban is a phonetic variant of Zahban and means gold-plated, something that has a layer of gold over it. It is used for boys Add Details
Dahee BOY Dahee is an Arabic name for boys that means clever, intelligent Add Details
Dahhaak BOY (Zahhaak) Name a of Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr Add Details
Dahhak BOY One who laughs much Add Details
Dahi BOY Lion, Rapid Add Details
Dahus BOY Dahus is an Arabic name for boys that means lion Add Details
Daib BOY Happy fellow Add Details
Daiyan BOY A mighty ruler, Judge, Guard, Protector Add Details
Dakheel BOY Foreigner Add Details
Dakhil BOY Foreigner, Stranger Add Details
Dalaj BOY A mufti of Baghdad, Ibn Ahmad al-Sajazi, had this name, he was a very generous person Add Details
Daleel BOY Conductor, Guide Add Details
Daler BOY Brave, Valiant Add Details
Dalil BOY Guide, model, Leader Add Details
Dalir BOY Dalir is a Persian name for boys that means brave, courageous Add Details
Dalu BOY Dalu is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means well bucket, a bucket that is attached to a rope and is used for collecting water from a well. It is used in the Quran in verse 12:19 Add Details
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