Babyname - Abadan

Gender Boy

Populated, Flourishing, Happy
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Related Names

Name Gender Meaning Favorites Details
Arandas BOY Arandas is an Arabic name for boys that means fierce lion Add Details
Abiyyi BOY One that doesn't want to be insulted, High self-esteem Add Details
Ataullah BOY gift of God from Arabic ( Ata) "gift" combined with (Allah) "God" Add Details
Azhar-Ud-Din BOY Urdu name formed from Arabic Azhar (most prominent, most visible) and ad-Deen (the religion,Islam).The full meaning is one who clarifies and explains the religion, one who spreads the religion Add Details
Aus BOY Myrtle, ace (in cards), Name of a number of Sahaba, e.g. Aus ibn Sabit, Aus ibn Saamit, Aus ibn Kholy Add Details
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