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Muslim Names 4u.Com

Welcome to The Complete Database Of Muslim Baby Names, a site that offers countless Islamic names for your baby.

The name of a child is the first gift that its parents bestow in the newborn and hence is extremely special. Its importance is further enhanced by the fact that the name becomes the identity of the child for his/her entire lifetime. As such it is quite natural for you as a parent to exert a bit more caution and care while choosing the right Muslim names for your baby.
There are several poplar and unique Muslim baby names that have been going around for ages. These are generally the names or the synonyms of the holy priests and saints of this sect. However, in case you are looking for a unique baby name that also has a deep meaning, then browsing through our website can prove extremely helpful. We have a vast database of exclusive Islamic names with meaning derived from various cultures and languages across the world, including Arabic, Urdu and Turkish.

We make the search for Islamic baby names extremely easy and fast as all the names are organized in a proper alphabetic order. All you need to do is click the alphabet with which you want to name the apple of your eye and you will get a list of Muslim Baby boy names and girl names starting with the same. In most cases the meaning of each name is also supplied along with it so that you can explain the same to anyone who might inquire about it.

Giving your child a name that suits his/her temperament is a blessing that only can offer and we feel proud in helping you in this task. Whether you are looking for a unique Muslim baby girl names or boy names or alterations of the traditional ones, you can find them all here. Just take some time to choose the most appropriate name for your bundle of joy and make it his or her perfect first gift!

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